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The Comprehensive Guide to Pot Black black (#161616):
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Pot Black is a color with a HTML hex code of #161616.

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almost gray





low chroma

Color Information about Pot Black / #161616

The HTML HEX code is #161616. The corresponding color name is "Pot Black". In RGB values (additive color space used for Digital Displays), this HEX code translates to Red (R): 22%, Green (G): 22%, Blue (B): 22%. In the CMYK color model (subtractive color model used in printing), it is represented by Cyan (C): 0%, Magenta (M): 0%, Yellow (Y):0%, Black (K): 91%. In the HSL color space, #161616 has a hue of 0°, saturation of 0%, and lightness of 9%. The HSV representation is 0° for hue, 0% for saturation, and 9% for value.

In the CIE-LAB color space, the color is denoted by L* (lightness) = 7, a* (green to red) = 0, and b* (blue to yellow) = 0. The XYZ representation is X: 1, Y: 1, Z: 1. In the YUV color space, it translates to Y (luminance) = 0.0863, U (chrominance) = 0.0000, and V (chrominance) = 0.0000.

The decimal value of the color is 1447446. The closest Web-safe HEX code is #000000. Variations of the colour are #4A4A4A for a 20% lighter version and #000000 for a 20% darker version.

For the color with hex value #161616, the correlated color temperature (CT) is estimated to be 6504 Kelvin (6504K).

The approximate wavelength of #161616 is around 700.00nm.

HEX Code161616#161616
RGB Decimal Code22, 22, 22rgb(22, 22, 22)
CMYK0, 0, 0, 91/
HSL0°, 0%, 9%hsl(0°, 0%, 9%)
HSV0°, 0%, 9%/
CIE-LAB7, 0, 0/
XYZ 1, 1, 1/
YUV0.0863, 0.0000, 0.0000/
Decimal value1447446/
Web-Safe HEX000000#000000
Color Temperature (CT)6504 Kelvin (6504K)/
Estimate Wavelengtharound 700.00nm/

The Depth and Diversity of Pot Black (Hex: #161616): Exploring its Impact in Design and Culture

Pot Black (#161616) is a color reminiscent of coal. It exudes an air of mystery and shadow, much like the dark corners of a haunted house. This rich and deep hue can also be likened to the night sky, with its vastness and infinite possibilities. It evokes a sense of elegance and sophistication, similar to a tailored black suit worn by a dapper gentleman. Other objects that share this color include obsidian, onyx, and the feathers of a raven. In nature, Pot Black can be compared to the inky depths of a moonless lake.

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Tints and Shades of #161616 HEX color (Pot Black)

In color theory, tints and shades are essential for understanding the depth and luminosity of colors. A tint is achieved by adding white to a pure hue, lightening its appearance. Conversely, a shade results from blending black with a color, giving it a deeper tone. In the context of #161616, this color stands at the center between its tints and shades. While the tints get progressively lighter moving towards white (#ffffff), the shades deepen towards black (#000000).

  • #ffffff
  • #C5C5C5
  • #8B8B8B
  • #505050
  • #161616
  • #111111
  • #0B0B0B
  • #060606
  • #000000

Tones of Pot Black (#161616 HEX color)

A tone is produced by adding gray to any pure hue. In the case of #161616, #404040 is the less saturated color, while #161616 is the most saturated one.

  • #404040
  • #363636
  • #2b2b2b
  • #212121
  • #161616
  • #333333
  • #262626
  • #1a1a1a
  • #0d0d0d

HTML Usage Examples

HTML using color code example

<p style="color: #161616;">This is a css example</p>

HTML / CSS Color Name using W3C

W3C HTML / CSS Color Name doesn't exist for #161616.

CSS color code example

p { color: #161616; }

Text with hexadecimal color #161616

This is a sample text with color #161616.

Background Color with #161616

This is a example with background color #161616.

Border Color with #161616

This is a example of a border with #161616.

#161616 Color Preview on White (#ffffff) Background

This is a example of text with color #161616 on white background.

#161616 Color Preview on Black (#000000) Background

This is a example of text with color #161616 on black background.

CSS codes examples

.text {color:#161616;}
.background {background-color:#161616;}
.border {border:1px solid #161616;}

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