Darjan Hren

Expert in UX/UI Design and Conversion Rate Optimization

About Darjan Hren: An Expert in UX/UI Design and Conversion Rate Optimization

Introduction to Darjan Hren and Kulor

Darjan Hren, a UX/UI designer and conversion rate optimization specialist, is the creative mastermind behind "Kulor," an innovative color blog. At Kulor, Darjan delves into the fascinating world of colors, offering a blend of professional expertise and personal passion. His journey in the digital design realm is marked by his role as the leader of maxy.studio, a Conversion Focused Design Studio that elevates ecommerce platforms to new heights.

Professional Prowess and Passion for Colors

Darjan's unwavering love for hues, shades, and tints is evident in his exploration of the limitless possibilities of color in design. He brings together his extensive knowledge in UX/UI and graphic design to delve into the psychology of color, harmonious palettes, and innovative combinations. His blog, Kulor, stands as a rich repository of knowledge and inspiration for designers and color enthusiasts.

Thought Leadership and Community Contribution

As a thought leader, Darjan is committed to sharing insights and inspirations through his blog and social media channels. He continuously seeks fresh perspectives and pushes the boundaries of visual aesthetics. His articles in Kulor are not just informative; they are a catalyst for creativity and a deeper understanding of color theory.

Kulor: A Fusion of Artistry and Color Expertise

Kulor represents a unique fusion of Darjan's professional skills and his fascination with color. The blog is a curated collection of visual content, practical tips, and techniques, making it a valuable resource for professional designers and aspiring artists. Here, readers can find discussions on color symbolism in branding, the latest color trends in design, and much more.

Invitation to the Vibrant World of Kulor

Darjan invites everyone to join him on this chromatic journey through Kulor. Drawing inspiration from art, nature, and culture, he aims to illuminate the intersection of artistry and color. Kulor is more than just a blog; it's a vibrant community where creativity meets color expertise.


In summary, Darjan Hren is not just the founder of Kulor; he is a visionary in the field of UX/UI design and a pioneer in the exploration of color in the digital space. His work with maxy.studio and Kulor underlines his commitment to excellence, innovation, and the empowering role of color in design. Welcome to the vibrant world of "Kulor"!